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3 years ago

Weekend dinner date at #GinzaShinohara 🥂 Happy Sunday everyone♡ . 🏚#GinzaShinohara ⭐️⭐️(#aytyshinohara #ayty_best10 ) . 1) I heard this sparkling wine (made from #Koshu) was developed to be drunk with Japanese cuisine ✨ 2) Lotus root mochi on the beautiful lotus leaf 🍀 3) tuna roll (toro and lean tuna) 4) seasonal plate (hassun) 5) foie gras, mango, passion fruit . #116500ln #rolexdaytona #aytydining . #銀座しのはら さんでほっこり名残りの夏🤍 瑞々しい蓮根餅、鱧は湯引きせずにお造りで✨最近始められた鮪の太巻きも旨みたっぷりでとっても美味しかったです!

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